Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: This is a process whereby the product, in our case pies, is frozen to 12.5 degrees below freezing. The process is effective due to the very quick drop in temperature between 3° and -3°. The important point here is that the cell membranes are not broken in this process and therefore the product is exactly preserved. Because of this process the pies can be refrozen ONCE. (in normal freezing the water in cells expands and breaks the cell wall and the product is changed).
Answer: Tasmanian Laboratories have tested the pies and they are still delicious for 12 days after defrosting if kept in a refrigerator.
Answer: Yes but only once, when refrozen after defrosting they will be like any other product you have frozen in a domestic refrigerator.
Answer: Absolutely, our scallops are processed by Tony Garth fish and are only taken from the pristine waters of Tasmania.
Answer: Australia Post guarantee delivery within their network, they are responsible for the delivery.
Answer: They are made at Bakery 31 in Ross, Tasmania by our Bakers, who have been baking them on site for over 21 years.
Answer: At least 6 months.