Our Pies

Our Bakery/Pastry Chef places Tasmanian Scallops in a magnificent, creamy mild curry sauce and cooks them in delicate pastry.

If you would prefer, why not try our succulent Salmon and Brie Pies? Tasty chunks of salmon, in a creamy white sauce with a hint of garlic, topped with Tasmanian Brie Cheese and encased in delicate pastry. Our salmon comes from Petuna, raised in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean.

We now offer you the opportunity to purchase our pies when you return home.

The pies are blast frozen and are sent overnight post arriving frozen and can be kept frozen for 6+ months. After defrosting they have a 12 day shelf life, in a refrigerated cabinet. As they are blast frozen, they will defrost to their original quality.


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